For Immediate Release, March 12, 2012

Agreement Signed on Sunol Quarry between
Save Our Sunol and Oliver de Silva, Inc.

Pat Stillman, Save Our Sunol, (925) 862-2263
Jim Summers, Oliver de Silva, Inc., (925) 828-7999

Sunol, Calif. - SAVE OUR SUNOL (SOS) and Oliver de Silva, Inc. (ODS) have entered into an historic agreement regarding the proposal submitted by Oliver de Silva to Alameda County to revise the permit to operate the existing SMP-30 quarry on Calaveras Road in Sunol. Discussions have been underway for over three years regarding the proposed project. The two parties have come to an agreement which meets the SOS environmental, health, and safety concerns, and provides mitigation for the impacts of development on the community of Sunol. SOS has been very pleased with the ongoing discussions and feels that the project in its proposed form, and the safeguards provided by the California Environmental Quality Act, makes the project one that SOS can strongly support and one that is in the best interests of Sunol.

The main provisions of the Agreement provide for the payment of up to $20,000 to the Sunol Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is organizing and training community members to be prepared for major disasters. Sunol CERT is also purchasing disaster supplies and storage containers that will be strategically located in the community.

In addition, the Agreement provides for the contribution of $50,000 per year, with a cost of living adjustment, to a Community Improvement Fund, for the life of the permit. The Community Improvement Fund will be held in trust for Sunol by the County of Alameda. The Sunol Advisory Committee, appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, will oversee the process of community organizations and groups submitting applications for funding, and make recommendations for funding approval to Alameda County.

The Agreement also commits ODS to working with SOS and appropriate agencies to facilitate the planning of a regional trail through the quarry property that would connect the Sunol Water Temple with Sunol Regional Park.

Save our Sunol President Pat Stillman stated that “Around 3 years ago Oliver de Silva came to Save Our Sunol to request our support for their revised quarry project. Over this time, we have been meeting with them to discuss possible impacts to the community and residents. We believe that this agreement is fair and just for the people of Sunol. It will provide sustainable funding for the life of the project while providing for meaningful improvements to the community.”

The Board of Directors of SOS approved the Agreement unanimously. Funding will commence once all the necessary permits and approvals have been obtained and work is ready to proceed.